Thursday, August 5, 2010

McGill students are raising funds for Pak Flood victims

Sarah Khan, Currim Suteria, Osman Siddiqi and other McGill students are raising funds that they intend to contribute to

Nur Foundation
Edhi Foundation

Please encourage them in their efforts by giving generously. These are young people making a big effort and should have every ones support.

Apparently a benefit musical concert is also being discussed.
For details contact:, or

Osman says

"We have set up a team in Montreal to raise funds for the victims and the money we raise will
primarily be contributing to the work of the Nur Foundation (who provide primary health care, clean water, and relief items) and the Edhi Foundation (an ambulance rescue service and relief providing organisation). There are going to be a large variety of events that will take place in the coming months and our efforts will not wane. We urge you to also take action, help, and donate to the organisations who are helping the victims as best as they can and do your part not simply because you can, but because you must."

Other items on their action plans are:

1. Heading out to tamtams on Sunday in a large force to solicit donations.
2. Putting up bake sales at McGill's crossroads (Wednesday) and Concordia (tbd)
3. Soliciting funds at Roddick Gates on Thursday.
4. Participating at the 14th August mela in Parc Ex - BBQ plus presentation and also soliciting donations.
5. Concert is being planned as well - for the end of August (approximately)
6. Club lounge events later in the month that should be popular as well - we have Musik booked already
7. Potential cricket tournament in September.
8. Publishing articles, and anything we can use our resources and apply ourselves towards.

Effectively they are going all out on this =)

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