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Montrealers Group: Relief Fund for Flood Victims of Pakistan

As I write this appeal for help, the situation in Pakistan continues to worsen. Flood water is spreading to the South and according to the BBC over 14 million people are already affected. Now in addition to Khyber Pakhtoonkhwa the Punjab and regions of Sindh are also affected.
This is the worst flood in Pakistan's history!

In the midst of this massive disaster I have just learnt of a story about Ikram Jan's cousin, Shahid Parvez Ghaznavi, in Khyber Pakhtoonkhwa who has taken it upon himself to help flood victims.

Shahid Parvez Ghaznavi
Address.Chowki mumraiz Mian

Shahid is Ikram's paternal cousin (chaha zad) and a childhood friend. He is married with four kids. His elder daughter is married and the son will be getting married October this year. The family lives in Hayatabad, Peshawar.

He owns a gas station on GT road which is above the water level. He is therefore been inundated with neighbors looking for shelter. People from nearby villages have gathered at his station for refuge and he has hosted them for several days already. He has also provided them food for the last few days and wishes to continue to be of assistance.

Ikram bhai is an elder respected member of the South Shore community and we all know him well and fully trusts his judgment. I am suggesting that we help him to protect and feed these people in this time of need. Both Ikram and Bashir have had feedback from home. The greatest needs are clean water, food, and clothing. As the waters recede there will be need for help for many weeks and months to come.

Often when we give to larger organizations, our funds are kept in limbo for long periods of time while their larger bureaucracies make plans about how our contributions will be spent. Furthermore the administrative cost of running such institutions is quite large, therefore much of what we contribute never reaches the actual people who need it, but rather gets spent on the SUVs and rather high salaries of the administration.

My suggestion is therefore that we initially contribute these funds to ICC (Islamic Community Center, Brossard) and with their agreement have them send the money to Pakistan through Ikram Jan .

The funds could be sent by him immediately and the help would be provided without delays.
So far the ICC has collected close to $5000 today - 6 August 2010.

The need is urgent and we should act on this NOW rather than later. Please open your hearts and give as much as you can.

If you wish to be part of this effort please send your cheques in favor of "Islamic Community Center" marked for the purpose of Pakistan Flood Relief. The address is:

Islamic Community Center
5905 Grande-Allée Boulevard
Brossard, Quebec, Canada
J4Z 3G4

If you prefer to have ICC send your funds to another organization then please specify that on your cheque. They will share their funds with other organizations and will declare how they have distributed funds.

Please take a minute to listen to the wonderfully simple message of Sanam Marvi:

Announcement 1:

Separately our own Imran Qureshi, the owner of Jugo Juice at Eaton Center has generously offered to donate all his August 14th sales (excluding taxes) to the funds we are raising towards
the relief efforts for Pakistan's flood victims.

His plan however will only be successful if we actually go there and help show our support to the cause by visiting his store for lunch or dinner. Remember it is on Saturday, August 14th at the following address:

Jus Jugo Juice
Centre Eaton Z-150
705 rue Ste-Catherine West.
Montreal, Qc
H3B 4G5

Tel: 514-849-1313, ,

Even if you have just a slush or juice it is fine. Every bit counts. He is donating everything.

Bravo Imran!!! and a very BIG thanks from all of us.

Announcement 2:

Sarah Khan, Currim Suteria, Osman Siddiqi and other McGill students are raising funds that they intend to contribute to
  • Nur Foundation:
  • Edhi Foundation:
Please encourage them in their efforts by giving generously. These are young people making a big effort and should have every ones support.

Apparently a benefit musical concert is also being discussed.
For details contact:, or


Other action ideas could be :
  1. Update the ICC homepage requesting donations fr om the local community.
  2. Printing and Displaying some pictures of the area so that people may see the plight of the affected.
  3. Update the News on ICC with the story and information below
  4. Making Friday announcement seeking help
  5. Consider Edhi Foundation as another organization to help as they have minimal administrative costs associated. See
  6. Fundraisiung BBQ for Pakistan Flood Relief


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Details of all of our fundraising efforts in the next few months can be found at our website, as well as information on Sungi Development Foundation and the Nur Foundation :