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Masnavi Saif-ul-Malook - سیف الملک

The Saif ul-Malook is in the masnavi form and is outwardly a tale of the love of a prince named Saif ul-Malook for the fairy Badi’ ul-Jamal. All the trials and tribulations that have to be undergone before the two lovers can achieve union are described in detail. In reality though, it is an in depth description of the spiritual path, its way stations and its pitfalls and obstacles. Along the way Mian sahib offers jewels of gnosis for those that can recognize them as such. It is a truly amazing tale!

Roman English of Saif-ul-Malook

Awwal hamd sanaa Ilaahi
Jo maalik har har daa

Uss da naam chataaran waala
Har maidaan na har daa

Mard Allah day sirr e Ilaahi
Ay kooii bhaid niraala

Ikko nazroon saaf banaway
Mera murshid damree waala


First, all praise is for Allah
Who is the Lord of all

He who recites his Name
Never will lose in any field!

(Real) Men are the Divine Secret
This is a strange mystery

With one gaze he can purify—
My Spiritual Guide the Damri Wala

for more..
Abida has recited the full version of the Masnavi. Available in five parts
on youtube. Here in the second part this beautiful recital picks up pace towards
the end.

Hazrat Mian Muhammad Bakhsh sahib was a scholar, sufi and poet of the nineteenth century (C 1830-1907) who is renowned for being the author of the Punjabi masnavi Saif ul-Malook.


Saif Ul Malook - Hans Raj Hans

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