Thursday, November 11, 2010

Na To Mekadae ki Hai Justuju, Na talash-e-bada-o-jam hai

Qawwal: Ustad Iftekhar Ahmed Nizami Khansahab
Credit: Dehligharana on youtube

Na to maikadae ki hai justuju, Na talash-e-bada-o-jam hai
Jo nafas nafas ko pila gayee, Mujhey os nigaah se kaam hai

Koi Mast hai, Koi Tashna-lab, To kisi ke hath mein jaam hai
Magar iss ko koi karey ga kya, Yeh to Maikadae ka nizaam hai

Kabhi roshni kabhi teeragi, Yehi roz-o-shab ka nizaam hai
Yehi zindagee hai to zindagee, Tujhey dur hi se salaam hai

Hain durust teri naseehatein, Hai baja ke mai bhi haram hai
Abhi tham zara mere naasehaa, abhi mere hath mein jaam hai

Ye Janab-e-shaikh ka falsafaa, hai Ajeeb sarey jahan se
Jo wahan peeyo to halal hai, jo yahan peeyo to haram hai


Musab said...

This is SOME find. If I'm not mistaken Iftekhar saheb was Munshi Raziuddin and Bahauddin Qawwal's brother? Or perhaps a cousin? He sings on the 1969 Mehfil over at Qaul, doesn't he?

Tasawwuf said...

dear musab, i am glad you enjoyed it. i too loved this unusual one. the quality of sound is great for such an old recording and then there is his endearing andaaz that add to the enjoyment.

ji raziuddin saheb iftekhar khansaheb ke chachazad bhai thae. :-)

your guess was correct!

you must have heard of the original party that included iftekhar saheb who passed away earlier than the others.

warm regards.

Musab said...

The sound is indeed wonderful, as is the performance. I have heard OF the original Manzoor Niazi party, but the only recording of them that I have is the 1969 one over at Qaul. If someone could unearth another recording of the original Manzoor Niazi party, that would be a find !!

Tasawwuf said...

i have a few recordings of raziuddin saheb from 40 years back. alas all are iffy quality. perhaps i will bring it over to islamabad in january 2011 and you can listen to some of it. it would only be for the kalams and not so much for the scratchy sound.

Mushtaq Farooqi said...


great blog, am a regular visitor of your blog, really love it. and about this ghazal its just awesome na too much awesome.

and in you above comment yo usaid you are comming to pakistan in jan 2001, can i meet you and hear some old classics, am student 23 years old frm peshawar

Whisky Bling said...

This is quite a find. Many Congratulations to you. Great stuff. Do we know who has written this Ghazal?