Friday, May 6, 2011

Ali Imam e Manasto - Badar Miandad Khan

A beautiful qawwal in praise of Imam Ali (God ennoble his countenance).
Sung by the late Badar Miandad Khan

by Ibn al-Sabil on Vimeo

Badar was born in 1962 in a noted family of qawwals in Pak Pattan. His father Miandad and grandfather Din Muhammad were reputed qawwals. He was a cousin of the late maestro Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan.

Born in 1962, Badar started his qawwali career in 1975, and by the mid 80s he had earned fame.

kaha jaata hai ke punjab ki qawwali mein taali bohat achhee bajti hai aur tabla bhi zordaar hota hai. Here is an example where the pace of the singing is relatively slow and pensive, yet the qawwal party is united beautifully in clapping and the tablanawaz also performs with gusto as Badar Ali Khan leads them.

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