Thursday, April 17, 2014

Mamoor ho raha hai aalam mein noor tera - Hazrat Shah Niyaz

Ghulam Farid & Maqbool Sabri were the first qawwals that I had the privilege of listening to live. That was in the mid sixties. I was eight then and remember well that their voices were absolutely mesmerizing then as they are now in these old recordings. Afsos ke Farid Sabri kuchh jaldi chal bassay. He has however left us with the treasure of his beautiful recitals.

ho raha hai aalam mein noor tera.
Az maah taab mahi, sab hai zahoor tera.

Israar-e-Ahmadi se aagaah ho so jaaney,
Tu noor-e-har sharar ha
i,har sang-e-toor tera.

Har aankh tak rahi hai tere hi munh ko pyaare,
Har kaan mein hoon paata,shor-e-zahoor tera.

Jab ji mein ye samaaya ki jo kuch hai so tu hai,
Phir dil se kab door ho,qurb-o-hazoor tera.

Bhaata nahin hai waaiz juz deed-e-haq mujhe kuch,
Tujhko rahe mubaarak hoor-o-qasoor tera.

Wahdat ke hai ye jalwe naqsh-e-nigaah kusrat,
Gar sirre-maarifat ko, paaye shahoor tera.

Gar harf-e-beniyazi sarzad 'Niyaz' se ho,
Putley mein khaak ke hai,Pyaare guroor tera.


English Trans:

Whole universe is filled with your light,
The moon and all life are your manifestation.

One who is aware of the secrets of Muhammad (SAW), knows
You are the light of every spark, every stone belongs to you.

Every eye beholds your face, O Beloved!
In every ear is filled the roar of your manifestation.

When the heart is convinced that you O Lord are everything,
Then how can presence be distant from the heart.

The sight of the extreme truth does not appeal, O preacher!
You can keep the virgin of paradise and sin for yourself.

The abundance of creation, is in fact the manifestation of your Oneness
Only if one's wisdom could evolve to decipher the truth.

If the expression of Independence occurs from 'Niyaz',
O beloved ! It is only because this human being is filled with your pride.

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