Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Lessons in Qawwali by Najmuddin Qawwal

Starts to get really interesting and fun after 2.43 mins.

Wonderful to see everyone recite the Qaul. Khusraw must be smiling listening
to this.

I am sure that if they started classes in Karachi alot of people would turn up for
group classes.


Noah said...

Hello, lovely video. I was just wondering where and when this was filmed, and who the teacher is? I ask because I'm interested in taking lessons in qawwali, either at home in Australia or in Asia. Thanks for the post.

Tasawwuf said...

Noah, The teachers name is Najmuddin. He is a qawwal from Karachi, Pakistan and the video was taken in 2010 in Paris while they were on a tour of France.
Good wishes.