Friday, October 28, 2011

Main to Diwana, Khwaja ka Diwana - by Aziz Mian Qawwal

Listening to this recital I'm taken back to the days when I'd go to listen to Aziz Mian in various little hotels on Murree Road with my friend Dr. Mubashar. Qawwali was our common interest and we would be lost together a world of our own where Aziz Mian, may his soul rest in peace, would transport us. Mubashar and I would both applaud loudly as Aziz would recite in his typical and unique andaaz of gayeki. He sang with a special gusto and passion, often standing up on his knees, when he was particularly taken with the poetry. Long hair waiving about; his head moving with the rhythm from side to side in ecstasy :-) .

The group was simple and small. The younger ones always admiring the master. The places they sang were basic and I think we paid very little for the pleasure of being there. Those were some wonderful times when great memories were made.

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windwheel said...

Would anybody know the history or author of 'Ram tera gorakh dandha' which was given a completely unique rendition by late Mian ji?