Thursday, August 25, 2016

Bakhubi ham cho mah tabinda baashi - Jaffar Husain Khan Badauni

Recital : Qawwal Jaffar Husain Badauni

 Bakhubi hamcho meh tabinda baashi;
 Bamulk-e dilbari paayindah baashi

May your charming face ever shine like the full moon;
May you hold eternal sway over the domains of beauty.

Man-e darvish ra kushti baghamzah;
Karam kardi Ilahi zindah baashi.

By your amorous glance you have killed a poor man like me;
How magnanimous of you? May God give you a long life.

Jafaa kam kun ki farda roz-e mehshar;
Baru-e aashiqan sharmindah baashi.

Pray do not be cruel lest you should feel ashamed of yourself
Before your lovers on the day of judgment.

Ze qaid-e dojahan azad baasham;
Agar tu hum-nashin-e bandah baashi.

I shall be set free from the bonds of the two worlds
If you become my companion for a while.

Barindi-o bashokhi hamcho Khusrau;
Hazaran khanuman barkandah baashi.

By your wanton playfulness you must have destroyed
Thousands of hearts of lovers like that of Khusrau.


sujamusic said...

I've been following your blog for sometime and very much enjoy your music selections. I appreciate that you take the trouble to give lyrics and translations. I have enjoyed this music for ever without being able to understand the words, now I can. Thank you.

Khaja Zameeruddin Ahmed said...

Thanks for the lyrics but can I get Mp3 of this Kalam??

It would be amazing

Thank you

Gulzar said...

Thanks alot for sharing,

Here is anothor video on my YouTube channel from same Singer. l

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