Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Kabhi Aye Haqeeqat e Muntazar - Kalam-e-Iqbal

Remembering Iqbal on his birthday with this magical recital from an intimate gathering
at home.

Ustad Farid Ayaz and Abu Muhammad are in beautiful form and lost in the wizardry of the

Kabhi aye Haqeeqat-e-muntazar, nazar aa libas-e-majaz mein
ke hazar sajde tarap rahe hain meri jabeen-e-niaz mein

 For once, O awaited Reality, reveal Yourself in a form material,
 For a thousand prostrations are quivering eagerly in my submissive brow

Jo mein sar basajda huwa kabhi, to zameen se aane lagi sada
tera dil to hai sanam aashna, tujhe kya miley ga namaz mein

Even as I laid down my head in prostration a cry arose from the ground:
Your heart is in materialism, no rewards for your prayers are.

 ~ Muhammad Iqbal

@ 10:57 he takes a break to narrate an enchanting little anecdote about Qais (and Layla)

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