Sunday, February 12, 2012

Aye Kay az Izz o Wala - Maulvi Ahmed Hassan Akhtar


Aaashiqan dil nisar konad
bar dare La illah hoo

The lovers give up their hearts
at the Door of La Ilaha illah Hoo

Soofiyan gar behest meetalaband
zikrishan La illah illa hoo

If Sufis desire paradise
then their zikr is only
La illah ha illah hoo


Aye kay az izz o wala
Inn a lillah gofta ee

O the One who from Thy Grace and Grandeur
"Return to Allah" sayest Thou

Aasheqan e dil khaste ra
Nasron minallah gofta ee

To the tired Lovers of Thee
"Victory will be yours" sayest Thee

Mall e aalam milke Khosro
Malekan manzoobay e tu

The worlds wealth is Khosro’s kingdom
Thy whole Project is Thy kingdom

Bawajoode bay niyazee
fakhre donya goftaee

Despite thy complete contentment
Pride of the World, art thou, Sayest Thee

Naaomeedan ra omeed dey
bey sababa aamad padeed

Giving hope to the hopeless
which arose without reason

Waz karam la taqnatoo
Min rahmatullah gofta ee

From the Grace of Being
Compassionate am I, sayest Thee

hope this makes sense, i could if i had all the words as they actually were. this is what i could make out from the singing, though words were very muffled and mixed up. ~ farrokh namazi

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