Friday, June 13, 2014

Man Banda e aan - Amir Khusrau

In fond memory of Mehdi Hasan

Celebrating a life filled with huge contributions to our rich culture. 
Pakistan's beloved Mehdi Hassan diedon June 13, 2012 in Karachi.

Recital: Mehdi Hassan (Pakistan)

Man banda e aan ruh e ke didan na gozarand
Diwana e zulf e ke kashidan na gozarand

Az tashnegiyam shola zanad sina o az dur
Sharbat beynomayand o cheshidan nagozarand

Ya rab, che azab ast bar in morgh e gireftar
Besmil na pasandand o paridan nagozarand

Sad chak shoda sina o sad para shoda dil
Wa'in beykhabaran jame daridan nagozarand

Sad khar e jafa khord ze hijrane too Khusrow
Ah ar  gol e az bagh e tou chidan nagozarand

~ Amir Khusrau


The Unseen and Unknown's follower am I
Intioxicated by the tresses that can niether be pulled nor passed by

A fire rages from afar,, from the thirst that lies within
the sweet nectar I am shown but not allowed to taste

O Lord, what agony is this caged bird suffering
when its sacrifice is not desired, nor release allowed

The chest has been rent assunder, the heart in tatters
and yet these igonorant ones dont allow me to tear off my raimant

Hundreds of thorns has Khosrow borne, in seperation from Thee
O woe, that not a flower from Thy garden am I allowed to pluck

~ Farrokh Namazi

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