Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Ze rehmat kun nazar - Jami

This has got to be one of the sweetest renditions that I have heard of this Naatiya kalam:

Ze rehmat kun nazar bar haal-e-zaram ya Rasoolallah
Ghareebam, beynawayam, khaaksaram ya Rasooallah

Tui taskeen-e-dil, araam-e-jaan, sabroqarar-e-man
Rukh-e-pur noor banuma, bey qararam Ya Rasool Allah

adaram dar jahan justo, habeebam ya-Rasoolallah

~ Molana Abdul Rahman Jami


Please caste your kind gaze onto my terrible state Oh Rasool e Allah!

( zarem means a state of anguish because of thirst or anger)

I am poor, I am voiceless and worthless Oh Rasool e Allah!
Only you can be the solace of my heart, comfort of my soul and contentment of my bosom.But when I see your Glowing vision I get restless Oh Rasool Allah.
I am poor, I do not love the attractions of life, my friend Oh Rasool e Allah!
~ Hina Wasim

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