Friday, September 20, 2013

Koi Milan Bahana Soch Laeen - Maulvi Ahmed Hassan Akhtar Bheranwale

This recording of Maulvi saheb from Faisalabad in the 70' demonstrates what wonderful singers 
they were and provides an insight into how Maulvi Haider Hassan's singing must have evolved 
over the years.

Dohas at the start (in Punjabi) are translated below in English: 
 mein rogi, merey rog aval ne 
o dassan kerey kerey 
 dil da booha khula tak ke 
 o aan vardey vich vere 
 je daravan mool ni darde 
o agay'on karam bakhairey 
 dhakkay maran bahar kaddan 
o ho ho baindey nerey 

 trans: Musab Bin Noor 
I am a sufferer, my ills are unique; 
 how do I begin describing them? 
Seeing the door of my heart ajar, 
 they've crept inside 
 My threats don't seem to dissuade them, 
 instead they wreak ever more havoc 
 Every time I push them out, 
 they creep nearer and nearer 

 Maulvi Akhter then sings two mahiyaas in thaith Punjabi 
 A colorful loom, with an axle made of caper-wood 
Your sorrow has drunk all the blood from my body 
 A colorful loom, with shiny baubles. 
As I said goodbye to my beloved, my eyes welled up with tears 

 Then Maulvi Ahmed sings a Kafi of Khwaja Ghulam Fareed Sb (RA) 
 I'd rather die than leave the village of my beloved 
The memory of my wounds and sorrows will follow me to the grave 
I'll prostate myself again and again on the footprints my beloved has left behind 
Ghulam Fareed, let no one lose their beloved at such a tender age.

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