Friday, November 29, 2013

Chaap Tilak - Hz. Amir Khusrau - The Amazing 40+ minute rendition

 Starting with a lovely sazeena and continuing with a long satisfying alaap including taankari, this has got to be the mother of all Chaap Tilaks. .

I recall my friend Vaqar Ahmed sitting close to the qawwals and shaking his head with joy during the alaap. Seeing this body language Abu Muhammad briefly stopped midway and said "mulahiza farmaiye, mujhay barda maza aa raha hai. kuchh log jo yahan par gerdan hila ke jo tareef ker rahay hein. mujhe ehsaas ho raha hai ke classical bhi yahan bohat sarey log samajh rahe hein" . For those who haven't this 40 min+  rendition before it will be a special treat.

It develops from a slow and pensive tone to a robust finale and lots of ups and downs in between. baqaul Farid Ayaz saheb ke "ik behta huwa darya hai. lehron mein utrao chardhao ki tarah hai qawwali". This one contains a whole lot of beautiful girahbandi including verses from Kabir.

Finally a wonderful Khusrau tarana at 36.00 which is even more appealing with the powerful singing of the chorus. Enjoy!


Pun-ga said...

Thank you so much. Can you kindly also provide the link where we can download the qawwali. Thanks again.

Tasawwuf said...

Pun-ga. You may download it at: