Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Mero Allah Meherbaan - Nirali Kartik

Young classical singer Nirali Kartik sings Mero Allah Meherban. From Ahmedabad, India Nirali Kartik has been learning Indian Classical Vocal since the age of nine. http://www.niralikartik.com/

Pandit Jasraj sings Mero Allah Meherban at Omer bhai's in Montreal.
A three-year-old Jasraj, with just the seven notes as his inheritance from his departed father, stepped out into the cold world of harsh realities. Today, those seven notes make up his rainbow... his bridge to a mystical realm of sound... that lies beyond the applause, the awards, the titles, the trophies, the honours...putting him in touch with the music of the infinite.

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